To maintain their value, yachts need to be managed both financially and physically.

Our accounts team specialise in the financial management of yachts and understand clients’ expectations regarding cost control and accountability. The key to our success is continual communication between the Captain, Yacht Manager and the accountants.

No one likes surprises and to avoid this scenario active financial management is critical to know where you are at any time and where you wish to be!

Our objective is clear: successful and harmonious yacht operation is down to team-work, with the full involvement of the Owner, Captain, Yacht Manager and accountants. When this happens everyone knows in which direction they are pulling and why.

Yacht Management Services

Monthly or quarterly management accounts with budget comparison and variance reports

Preparation of Annual Financial Accounts and where required, liaison with Auditors, Lender Banks and Corporate Managers

Opening and operating of bank accounts and issuance of credit/debit cards, arranging boat funds including APAs

Establishing internal control procedures for payment of invoices

Cash Control & Reporting with emphasis on regular notification to the Owner of future funding requirements