Yacht Servicing and Yacht Repairs


Ibiza unlocked yacht repair partners offer an extensive range of repair and servicing options, for any vessel.

We focus our attention and professionalism with networking with only the very best boating mechanics and super yacht and yacht engineers in Ibiza, Spain.  We can arrange refitting, technical intervention and supply spare parts for any vessel.

Our partners can direct you to the best yards, give impartial advice on any aspect relating to the job you need whilst following through to ensure you have received only the best service.

Technical staff will be on hand to help you from the initial review of the project until launch, thus ensuring that the final result meets your expectations and the required international maritime requirements.  On hand to give you the most suitable choice of shipyard, a detailed analysis of the works to be carried out and comparative quotations.

We have access to the most dedicated and approved repairers for any type of issue including Fibreglass Yacht Repair, Structural Deck and hull repair, fire damage repair, wooden boat repairs and steel boat repairs.

All repairs involving electrical, plumbing and servicing works are carried out by regulated engineers.  We can truly offer a full service in this regard by reputable contractors.

Any structural repair can be undertaken.


Yacht Servicing Ibiza

Ibiza unlocked Yacht Services extensive industry experience and knowledge allows us to meet your needs with speed, quality and the utmost efficiency.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction when it comes to servicing yachts in Ibiza.  Our full range of marine services for yacht owners enables our clients to have complete peace-of-mind when it comes to enjoying time on the water.

Our partners offer a full spectrum of services serving our clients, captains and crews and create a solution tailored to your individual needs.

Yacht Refit Ibiza

Ibiza unlocked Yacht Services Technical Division has the skills, expertise and experience to act as the link between the shipyard and the client, ensuring the efficient and smooth refit of your yacht, be it a major or relatively minor maintenance period, keeping yacht downtime to a minimum and vessel availability to you at a maximum.

Having your vessel undergo a refit can appear to be a daunting and stressful experience, which is why using our services takes the headache out of the process. Most successful refits are overseen by an impartial and knowledgeable middleman…us.  For this reason, you only need to leave your wants and needs in the hands of Ibiza unlocked Yacht Services for a successful and least stressful experience.  We oversee the whole process ensuring that our clients are connected with each and every refit, repair and maintenance facility in Ibiza.  Ibiza unlocked Yacht Services have trusted relationships with key personnel to ensure that you are given the best service in the optimum facility.