Yacht Maintenance (Sharons new text)

Our professional service team efficiently and reliably takes care of Yacht maintenance, inspections, repairs, cleaning and monitoring.  You can rest assured that we ensure that your vessel meets all the required technical regulations and requirements needed to meet all safety aspects.

Our highly professional Super Yacht and Yacht maintenance system increases the safety and reliability of your yacht and significantly reduces the risk of operational performance failure.  As a leading Super Yacht maintenance company in Ibiza, we ensure our team are drilled and prepared on yacht maintenance and safety.

First-class software creates an environment that assists the crew, owners and shore-side management teams with direct access to all relevant data in real-time.  Our aim is to ensure that you have a well maintained, well-regulated and most importantly a safe vessel.  With the latest easy to use software we recognise that this is a valuable tool in Yacht Management in Ibiza to maximise the best maintenance requirements of any Super Yacht or Yacht.


Yachting is our passion and our main aim is to enhance the experience of ownership through dedicated proactive management. Our team are fully committed to exceeding our client’s expectations.

Ibiza Unlocked Yacht Services offer clients a dedicated, interactive, confidential luxury yacht management program handled by our dedicated professionals.  We understand the business side of yachting and pride ourselves on our shore-based Super Yacht management services in Ibiza.

Our team includes highly qualified engineers with a collective experience that is unrivalled.   We are uniquely placed to provide a world-class bespoke Super Yacht and Yacht management program.  Always available to assist and meet the complex demands of yacht ownership, we provide an immediate and personal touch to every client.  We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations of luxurious yacht management.

Experience is our strength and our philosophy is quite simple.  Safety, confidentiality and experience define Ibiza Unlocked Yacht Services.

Yacht Operations Management

Our proactive team assists Owner’s, crew and captains with the finer details.  Available around the clock to guide and assist through all of the complexities of day-to-day yacht operations management in Ibiza.

Ibiza Unlocked Yacht Services team has sailed to many destinations.  Our expertise, knowledge and experience in yacht operations have given us an incredible reputation to provide your vessel’s crew with invaluable first-hand expertise.

With an extensive network of proven contractors, fuel suppliers, parts suppliers, shipyards, shipping agents, travel agents, shipping registry officials and port officials, will give your vessel and its crew the resources needed.

Yacht Accounting

Our knowledgeable shore-based yacht accounting in Ibiza service allows the crew and the captain to run their yacht to help exceed the Owner’s expectations.

A yacht can engage in many financial transactions every month. There may be different transaction profiles in a wide variety of currencies.  Our yacht accounting team based in Ibiza will carefully process each transaction and ensure that each transaction is evaluated and recorded correctly.

Yacht Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is imperative to the reliability and safety of any Super Yacht or Yacht to reduce the risk of operational failure.  We ensure that every vessel is always ready for the owner by setting up planned maintenance procedures in accordance with each vessels manufacturers guidelines, regulations, flag state requirements and classification society.

Working together with Yacht owners in Ibiza, we set up planned maintenance procedures in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Guidelines, Regulations, Classification Society and Flag State Requirements of any Super Yacht and Yacht.  Our dedicated maintenance systems are set up so that the owner can monitor its observance onboard.  Owners can view upcoming yacht maintenance and manage downtime to suit their schedule.  Our managers are completely hands-on and make regular visits to liaise with the crew for ongoing maintenance and operations to ensure that all is going to plan.

Yacht Safety and Regulations

The safety and security of the Owner, crew and family and guests are paramount.

Yacht safety and compliance are maintained through the stringent observance of yacht regulations.  For most large vessels certain yacht regulations are mandatory, we consider everyone’s security and most importantly their safety to be a culture on board and ashore.

Ibiza unlocked yacht services simplifies the entire process of Yacht safety and compliance with first-class software. Our state of the art vessel management system allows us to manage all aspects of the yacht at any time.  The software maintains and organises documents, tasks, issues, crew lists, planned yacht maintenance, vendor jobs, management and spares in one secure and centralised system.  This helps to streamline the reporting process as well as providing a reliable transparent and easy to understand structure to monitor and view how to vessel is operating quickly and efficiently.  The software is continually updated to reflect the best and latest in management techniques.